Information about Jean-Pierre Droz

Jean-Pierre Droz (17 April 1746 - 2 March 1823)

Jean-Pierre Droz was a coin and medal engraver born in Switzerland and trained in Paris. Droz was most known for engraving the Napoléon coin at the Paris Mint. He was employed by the prominent English manufacturer and business man, Matthew Boulton to improve Boulton's coin and medal quality. However, he worked there for just two years.

In 1789, Droz devised a collar used to engrave the sides of coins and ensure a circular shape, and though it was unsuitable for large numbers of coins, it remained in use at the Soho Mint.

In 1788, he designed a pattern halfpenny for which he created a laureate effigy of King George III. In 1790, he also designed a pattern sixpence.

He was a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

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