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Information about reign: King Edward VIII

CountryBritish West Africa
From20 January 1936
To11 December 1936
Personal InformationKing Edward VIII of the United Kingdom (1894 - 1972)

British West Africa or the British West African Settlements constituted during two periods (17 October 1821 until its first dissolution on 13 January 1850 and again 19 February 1866 till its final demise on 24 November 1888) an administrative entity under a governor-in-chief (comparable in rank to a Governor-general), an office vested in the governor of Sierra Leone (at Freetown). During that time, no coinage for the colony was issued.

However, the West African Currency Board issued currency for British West Africa between 1907 and 1958.

List of 3 coins issued in reign: British West Africa / King Edward VIII
One-tenth Penny 1936 Edward VIII 10,284,000
Halfpenny 1936 Edward VIII 19,457,760
One Penny 1936 Edward VIII 33,104,000