Silver Kilo (1 kg), Australian Koala, Coin Type from Australia - detailed information

Silver Kilo (1 kg), Australian Koala, Coin Type from Australia (issued 2012 - )
Coin TypeSilver Kilo (1 kg), Australian Koala

The Australian one kilo silver piece (abbreviated as 1 kg and designated with Ag for "silver") is a bullion coin format. Uniquely, in Australia there are two mints independently authorised to strike legal tender: the Royal Australian Mint (which also makes the country's circulating coinage) and the Perth Mint which only makes collector and bullion coins, as well as other bullion products.

The Australian Koala series by the Perth Mint comes in several sizes and compositions: 1 kg silver, 5 oz silver, 1 oz silver numismatic (proof, high relief) and 1 oz silver bullion.

The reverse design changes every year, always featuring a koala - one of the most famous and distinctive animals native to Australia. The silver kilo coins have a face value of 30 dollars, but this is only symbolic - as the bullion value of their precious metal content is much higher. The coins were .999 fine silver until the 2018 edition, which increased in purity to .9999 silver. The overall weight is slightly more than 1 kg, so that the pure silver content is exactly 1,000 grams (equal to ASW 32.151 troy ounces).

Australia / Silver Kilo (1 kg), Australian Koala - obverse photo

Effigy of the ruling monarch, legend, face value.

Obverse Inscription Legend of the ruling monarch, face value
Australia / Silver Kilo (1 kg), Australian Koala - reverse photo

The reverse shows at its centre a koala - the iconic native Australian animal; there is a new depiction every year. The design also incorporates the P mint mark of the Perth Mint.

Around above, the name of the coin series: AUSTRALIAN KOALA.

Around below, the year of issue and the precious metal content: [year] 1 KILO 9999 SILVER.

Reverse Inscription AUSTRALIAN KOALA [year] 1 KILO 9999 SILVER
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone
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Silver Kilo (1 kg), Australian Koala: Details
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Sub-type ofSilver Kilo (1 kg)
Face Value30 (x Dollar)
Material0.9999 Silver
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size100.600 mm
Thickness14.600 mm
Mass1,001.002 g