Alderney: Coins Issued and Used

Showing only non-circulating legal tender (NCLT) coin types.

Alderney (1204 - )
Information about what currencies were issued by Alderney, with lists of coinage, as well as periods when foreign-issued currencies were used.
Currency: Alderney Pound. Used in Alderney: (1989 - present)
CurrencyAlderney Pound
PeriodAlderney Pound
Used1989 - present

The island of Alderney has its own currency, which by law must be pegged to that of the United Kingdom.

Schedule 2 of the Government of Alderney Law provides that the States of Alderney may, by Ordinance, prescribe "the legal currency and denominations of the legal currency, so however that that currency, and those denominations shall be the same in Alderney as in the United Kingdom; and prescribing those notes and coins the tender of which is a legal tender of the payment of money".

In normal use in Alderney, Guernsey and English banknotes notes and coins circulate side by side year round, while in the summer tourist season, Jersey notes and coins are also common, as well as Scottish and occasionally even Manx, or Northern Irish notes.

Alderney coins are widely available to collectors but not in general circulation. Since 1989, Alderney has issued occasional commemorative coins of £1, £2 or £5 face value in cupro-nickel, silver or gold.

Platinum Three Ounces (3 oz)
1 coin (2015)
Coin NameMintage
Platinum Three Ounces 2015 VE Day 70
Double Sovereign
1 coin (2019)
2 coins (2019 - 2020)
Half Sovereign
2 coins (2019 - 2020)
Gold Two and a Half Ounces (2.5 oz)
1 coin (2019)
Gold Ounce (1 oz)
1 coin (2021)
Coin NameMintage
Gold Ounce 2021 Gothic Crown 500
Gold Half Gram (0.5 g)
1 coin (2021)
Coin NameMintage
Gold Half Gram 2021 Gothic Crown 2,999
Silver Ten Ounces (10 oz)
1 coin (2021)
Crown (Five Pounds)
2 coins (2015 - 2016)
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