Gold Half Gram (0.5 g), Coin Type from Alderney - detailed information

Gold Half Gram (0.5 g), Coin Type from Alderney (issued 2021 - )
Coin TypeGold Half Gram (0.5 g)

Alderney is one of the Channel Islands (situated in the Channel between England and France), and is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey - a British Crown dependency. As such, it is not a sovereign country, but has operated as a quasi-sovereign entity since the Middle Ages. The island has issued commemorative coins since 1989, denominated in the Alderney Pound - which is a variant of the Pound Sterling and is legal tender on the islands, but not in the United Kingdom.

Apart from the British Royal Mint, the island has also authorised some private mints to issue coins under its jurisdiction, which come in a variety of sizes - including in the mini-coin half gram (0.5 g) format, usually denominated as £5.

The coins listed below are "Non-Circulating Legal Tender" (NCLT) and not bullion because they are issued at prices much higher than their intrinsic value, and are targeted at collectors who appreciate them for their artistic or sentimental value, and not at bullion investors.


Effigy and legend of the ruling British monarch, face value, date of issue.

Obverse Inscription Legend of the monarch, face value, date

Various designs as listed individually below.

Reverse Inscription
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone

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Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Gold Half Gram (0.5 g): Details
CurrencyAlderney Pound
Face Value5 (x Pound)
Material0.999 Gold
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size11.0000 mm
Mass0.5000 g