Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank, Coin from Austria - detailed information

Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank, Coin from Austria
CoinTwo Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank

The Two Euro coin (€2.00) is a circulating bi-metallic coin made of two alloys: the inner part of nickel brass, the outer part of copper-nickel. Like all the common circulation coins (from 1 cent to €2), the denomination is issued by the separate countries in the Eurozone and is legal tender in all of them, irrespective of which country has issued it. The denomination was introduced in 2002, when Austria retired the Austrian Schilling currency and introduced the Euro.

The coins have a common reverse designed by Luc Luycx in 1999 which shows a map of the European Union; it was changed in 2007 to reflect the enlargement of the Union. Each country has its own national obverse; the Austrian regular obverse features a portrait of Bertha von Suttner.

The €2 is also the only denomination in which circulating commemorative Euro coins are issued; these are also legal tender in all countries of the Eurozone, no matter which country issued them; commemoratives of other denominations are only legal tender in the issuing country. The number of commemorative coins is limited to two (before 2012 to one) per country per year (in addition to any common issue) and to 5 percent of the total mintage output. Given that the reverse is fixed, the commemorative designs are always on the obverse.

This coin marks the Bicentenary (200th anniversary of the founding) of Oesterreichische Nationalbank (National Bank of Austria), the country's central bank.

The Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) was founded in 1816 by Francis I (Franz I), the first Emperor of Austria. The bank was founded after a period of high currency devaluation in Austria during war times, when paper money was issued by the Austrian Habsburg Empire.

Austrian Two Euro coins issued in 2016 have now been in circulation for six years.

MintAustrian Mint Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintage16,060,000 (16.1 million)
Austria / Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank - obverse photo

The design depicts two gods of Roman mythology, featured on the carved relief above the entrance to the main building of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank. On the left, Mercury, the messenger of the gods and the god of merchants and commerce - identified by his staff and his winged hat; on the right, Fortuna, the goddess of fate and prosperity, who is portrayed with a horn of plenty (Cornucopia). In the background, the main building of the bank.

An ornamental band around below evokes the red-white-red colours of the Austrian national flag, with hatched vertical lines symbolising the colour red in "heraldic hatching".

Below left, the anniversary years 1816 and 2016. Around above in the central circle, the legend REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH (Republic of Austria). Around below, 200 JAHRE OESTERREICHISCHE NATIONALBANK (200 Years of the Austrian National Bank).

In the outer ring, the twelve stars of the European Union, representing the original twelve member states.

Austria / Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank - reverse photo

The reverse of the coin shows on the right a representation of a map of the western part of Europe.

Behind the map and interrupted by it, six vertical lines connect the twelve stars of Europe - six around above right, and six around below right.

On the left, a large numeral value: 2; on the right, overlaid on the map, the denomination EURO.

The designer's monogram LL (for Luc Luycx) is below right in the rim, below the O in EURO.

Reverse Inscription 2 EURO
EdgeMilled, inscribedEdge Inscription2 EURO *** 2 EURO *** 2 EURO *** 2 EURO ***

Date of issue: 2 December 2015 (in mint sets).
From January 2016, available in 25-coin mint rolls.

Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank: Known varieties
Variety In mint sets
Mintage Issued: 50,000 (included in total)
Variety Proof
Mintage Issued: 10,000 (included in total)
All (24) coins of type: Two Euro, Austria
Coin NameMintageLegend
Two Euro 2002 196,510,000 ************ 2 EURO 2002
Two Euro 2003 4,855,100 ************ 2 EURO 2003
Two Euro 2004 2,620,000 ************ 2 EURO 2004
Two Euro 2005 Austrian State Treaty 7,000,000 50 JAHRE STAATSVERTRAG 2005
Two Euro 2006 2,420,000 ************ 2 EURO 2006
Two Euro 2007 Treaty of Rome 9,000,000 VERTRAG VON ROM 50 JAHRE EUROPA 2007 REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH
Two Euro 2008 2,665,000 ************ 2 EURO 2008
Two Euro 2009 Economic and Monetary Union 5,000,000 REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH WWU 1999 - 2009
Two Euro 2010 17,065,000 ************ 2 EURO 2010
Two Euro 2011 27,765,000 ************ 2 EURO 2011
Two Euro 2012 Bertha von Suttner 21,200,000 ************ 2 EURO 2012
Two Euro 2012 Euro Cash Anniversary 11,060,000 REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH € 2002 2012
Two Euro 2013 10,160,000 ************ 2 EURO 2013
Two Euro 2014 20,160,000 ************ 2 EURO 2014
Two Euro 2015 Bertha von Suttner 12,360,000 ************ 2 EURO 2015
Two Euro 2015 European Flag 2,500,000 REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH 1985 - 2015
Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank 16,060,000 REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH 1816 2016 200 JAHRE OESTERREICHISCHE NATIONALBANK
Two Euro 2017 17,760,000 ************ 2 EURO 2017
Two Euro 2018 Austria 100th Anniversary 18,160,000 2018 100 JAHRE REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH
Two Euro 2019 15,860,000 ************ 2 EURO 2019
Two Euro 2020 12,760,000 ************ 2 EURO 2020
Two Euro 2021 9,960,000 ************ 2 EURO 2021
Two Euro 2022 Bertha von Suttner unknown ************ 2 EURO 2022
Two Euro 2022 Erasmus Programme 1,060,000 1987 - 2002 ERASMUS PROGRAMM REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH
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Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank: Details
CurrencyEuro, Austria
Coin TypeTwo Euro, Commemorative
Face Value2 (x Euro, Austria)
Circulation Mintage16,000,000 (16.0 million)
Total Mintage16,060,000 (16.1 million)
DesignerLuc Luycx, Herbert Wähner
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size25.750 mm
Thickness2.200 mm
Mass8.500 g
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Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank: Photos
Austria, 2 Euro 2016, Austrian National Bank
Austria, 2 Euro 2016, Austrian National Bank
Two Euro 2016 Austrian National Bank: Catalogue Reference IDs
SourceReference ID
Schön, WeltmünzkatalogSchön# 432
Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsAustria KM# 3248