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Detailed information about Coin: One Cent 1970 from Bahamas

Coin: One Cent 1970

CountryBahamas CurrencyBahamian Dollar
Face value1 (x Cent) TypeOne Cent (Bronze)
Year1970 CurrentYes
Mintage148,000 (148000)
NameMint markMintage
Royal Mint No mint mark 148,000 (148000)
MaterialBronze Designer
MonarchQueen Elizabeth II EffigyPortrait by Arnold Machin (Second Portrait)
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)19 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)

Diademed and draped bust of Queen Elizabeth II facing right (effigy known as the "Second portrait", by Arnold Machin); around, the legend ELIZABETH II BAHAMA ISLANDS.


At centre, a sea star (starfish); around, · ONE CENT · 1970.

Reverse inscription· ONE CENT · 1970
EdgePlain Edge inscriptionNone
One Cent 1970: Known varieties
Proof 23,000 (included in main number) (hover mouse for text)
One Cent 1970: Catalogue Reference IDs
SourceReference ID
Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsBahamas KM# 15
One Cent 1970: References to Information Used
Krause, Standard Catalog of World Coins Mint
Krause, Standard Catalog of World Coins Mintage
Krause, Standard Catalog of World Coins Varieties Proof
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