Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes, Coin from Niue - detailed information

Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes, Coin from Niue
CoinForty Ducats 2015 St Agnes

Niue, a sovereign state in free association with New Zealand, uses two official legal tender currencies. The New Zealand Dollar is the circulation currency for daily transactions, while the government also authorises legal tender coins in the Niue Dollar currency for collector's purposes.

A number of mints issue a large variety of commemorative and collector coins under the authority of Niue. One of them is the Czech Mint, which uses not only standard bullion sizes but also some formats based on the Czech Gold Ducat, including 40 Ducats weighing a massive 139.5 grams.

The coins are "Non-Circulating Legal Tender" (NCLT) and not bullion because they are issued at prices much higher than their bullion value and are targeted at collectors who appreciate them for their artistic or sentimental value, and not at bullion investors.

The Mint says about this coin:
The name Agnes has Greek origin and means immaculate, clean. The most famous bearer of this name is undoubtedly St. Agnes of Bohemia, who fully deserves these pious characteristics. She was canonised, as a model of Christian faith and heroic charity, in Saint Peter`s Basilica in the Vatican on 12 November 1989.

Czech Princess Agnes Přemyslid of Bohemia was born between the years 1205 and 1211 as a daughter of the King Ottokar I. of Bohemia and the Queen Constance of Hungary. When she was three years old, Agnes was placed to be educated by a community of Cistercian nuns in a monastery in Trzebnica and then in Doksany by Premonstratensian Canonesses and she reached a high quality education. Happiness of the child was replaced by long hours she spent in prayer. She and her brother Wenceslaus I. founded a hospital in Prague's Old Town in 1232, and also a new military Order, dedicated primarily to nursing, known as the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, which was recognised as the only Czech religious order by the Pope. Its monasteries gradually spread to many places of the country.

In 1234, Agnes together with her brother founded a monastery for the Franciscan friars and the Poor Clare nuns on the northeastern edge of the former city, now known as "The Francis", where she became the first Abbess. St. Agnes of Bohemia was a woman full of humility and love and she was helping the poor and the sick. Even during her lifetime she served as a model of virtue and piety. Legends about her mercy and charity did not lose their urgency even after more than 800 years, and are said down to the present day.

MintCzech Mint Mint MarkMonogram ČM Total Mintage100
Niue / Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes - obverse photo

The obverse shows the effigy of Queen Elizabeth is in a small circle above the centre. Below that, architectural elements symbolise the institutions founded by St Agnes, and a cross and star to the left refer to the order of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star.

Below the base of an arch, the mint mark of the Czech Mint - a crowned monogram of the letters ČM (Česká mincovna).

On the left, the face value 250 DOLLARS; on the right, the date of issue 2015.

Around below right, the hallmark announcing the precious metal content: Au 999,9 139,5 g (139.5 grams of 99.99% gold; Au is abbreviated from Aurum, the Latin word for gold).

Around left and right, the monarch's legend ELIZABETH II. NIUE ISLAND.

Obverse Inscription ELIZABETH II. NIUE ISLAND 250 DOLLARS 2015
Niue / Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes - reverse photo

The reverse of the coin shows the portrait of Saint Agnes of Bohemia wearing the Czech crown, raising her hand in a blessing. In the background, two lilies. In the right field, the JB monogram of the artist, Jaroslav Bejvl.

Preceded by the star of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, around below the inscription 40 DUKÁT 1211· 1282 SVATÉ ANEŽKY (forty ducats of Saint Agnes, divided by the dates of her life).

Reverse Inscription 40 DUKÁT 1211· 1282 SVATÉ ANEŽKY
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

Finish: Brilliant Uncirculated.
Packaging: in capsule and dark wooden case, with a Certificate of Authenticity in Czech, Slovak and English.
Date of issue: April 2015
Collection: Investment 40 ducat Coin
Coin name: Gold investment coin 40ducat of Saint Agnes standard
Czech Mint Product Code: 75123-610

Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes: Details
CurrencyNiue Dollar
Coin TypeGold Forty Ducats (139.5 g)
MonarchQueen Elizabeth II
EffigyQueen Elizabeth II - Fourth Portrait, by Ian Rank-Broadley
Face Value250 (x Dollar)
Total Mintage100
Material0.9999 Gold
DesignerJaroslav Bejvl
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size50.000 mm
Mass139.500 g
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Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes: Photos
Coin, Niue, Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes
Copyright: Czech Mint
Coin, Niue, Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes
Copyright: Czech Mint
Coin, Niue, Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes
Copyright: Czech Mint
Coin, Niue, Forty Ducats 2015 St Agnes
Copyright: Czech Mint