Information about effigy: Helvetia, Seated


Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland, officially Confœderatio Helvetica, the Swiss Confederation. The name is a derivation of the ethnonym Helvetii, the name of the Gaulish tribe inhabiting the Swiss Plateau prior to the Roman conquest.

Her first depiction on Swiss coinage was designed by Friedrich Fisch from Aarau and engraved by Antoine Bovy. It appeared in 1850 and shows her as a seated figure resting on a plough whose two handles are seen to her right, and some grains; with her left hand she holds a triangular shield resting on the ground which bears the Swiss Cross inside an oval; her right arm is extended toward the left side of the obverse, pointing into the distance. The legend HELVETIA is around above her head. The engraver's name A. BOVY is in large letters to her left, written counter-clockwise (i.e. the letters face the opposite way to the legend).

This design was not accepted well by the Swiss population and was replaced by the figure of Helvetia Standing in 1874.

Royal Mint Bullion
Royal Mint Bullion
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