Information about William Gardner

William Gardner (25 May 1914 - 28 December 2000)

William Maving Gardner was an English coin designer, engraver, calligrapher and writer who worked regularly for the Royal Mint over a 30-year period. He is notable for designing coins such as the British 20 Pence Coin. Apart from the United Kingdom, he also designed coins for Cyprus, New Zealand, Jordan, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka and the Falkland Islands.

Gardner is best known for his designs for the reverses of the 1953 three penny piece, English and Scottish shillings and the decimal 20p reverse of 1982. He also designed the Coat of Arms dollar for New Zealand.

In 1963 Gardner was visiting professor and fine art program lecturer at Colorado State University and in the years immediately following he travelled widely to research art and crafts of the United States, Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and Nepal.

William Gardner was a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators and a Fellow of the Society of Numismatic Artists and Designers.

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