Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only), Coin from Austria - detailed information

Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only), Coin from Austria
CoinTwo Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only)

The Two Euro Cents coin (€0.02) has a value of one fiftieth of a Euro and is composed of copper-plated steel. It is the second-lowest-value coin in the Eurozone. Like all other common circulation coins (from 1 cent to €2), the denomination is issued by the separate countries in the Eurozone and is legal tender in all of them, irrespective of which country has issued it. The coins have a common reverse (designed by Luc Luycx in 1999), and each country has its own national obverse; the Austrian obverse was designed by Josef Kaiser, and features an Alpine edelweiss flower as a symbol of Austria's part in developing EU environmental policy.

The denomination was introduced in 2002, when Austria retired the Austrian Schilling currency and introduced the Euro. The two-cent coin was not redesigned in 2007 as was the case with the higher-value coins.

Austrian Two Euro Cent coins issued in 2016 have now been in circulation for eight years.

MintAustrian Mint Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintage60,000
Austria / Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only) - obverse photo

At centre, the obverse of the coin features an Alpine edelweiss flower. Around above, the value and denomination in German: ZWEI EURO CENT (two Euro Cents). Around below, the flag of Austria with "heraldic hatching" (thin vertical lines) indicating its colours: red-white-red.

Above the flag and below the flower, the date of issue: 2016.

Around the outer rim, the twelve stars of the European Union - symbolising the original twelve member states.

Obverse Inscription ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2016
Austria / Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only) - reverse photo

The reverse of the coin shows the globe below right, showing Europe in relation to Africa and Asia. The design of the 1- to 5-cent coins is intended to show the European Union's (EU) place in the world, as opposed to the one- and two-euro coins showing the 15 states as one and the 10- to 50-cent coins showing separate EU states.

Behind the globe, six diagonal lines connect the twelve stars of Europe - six around below left, and six around above right.

The designer's monogram LL (for Luc Luycx) is on the right.

Above left, the numeral value: 2; on two lines above, the denomination EURO CENT.

Reverse Inscription 2 EURO CENT
EdgePlain with central grooveEdge InscriptionNone
Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only): Known varieties
Variety In mint sets
Mintage Issued: 50,000 (included in total)
Variety Proof
Mintage Issued: 10,000 (included in total)
All (22) coins of type: Two Euro Cents, Austria
Coin NameMintageLegend
Two Euro Cents 2002 326,510,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2002
Two Euro Cents 2003 118,655,100 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2003
Two Euro Cents 2004 156,520,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2004
Two Euro Cents 2005 163,320,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2005
Two Euro Cents 2006 39,920,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2006
Two Euro Cents 2007 72,295,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2007
Two Euro Cents 2008 125,165,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2008
Two Euro Cents 2009 120,491,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2009
Two Euro Cents 2010 104,265,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2010
Two Euro Cents 2011 148,665,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2011
Two Euro Cents 2012 78,160,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2012
Two Euro Cents 2013 121,560,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2013
Two Euro Cents 2014 116,160,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2014
Two Euro Cents 2015 45,460,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2015
Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only) 60,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2016
Two Euro Cents 2017 57,260,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2017
Two Euro Cents 2018 85,710,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2018
Two Euro Cents 2019 91,260,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2019
Two Euro Cents 2020 57,360,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2020
Two Euro Cents 2021 64,660,000 ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2021
Two Euro Cents 2022 unknown ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2022
Two Euro Cents 2023 unknown ************ ZWEI EURO CENT 2023
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Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only): Details
CurrencyEuro, Austria
Coin TypeTwo Euro Cents, Austria
Face Value2 (x Euro Cent, Austria)
Circulation MintageNone
Total Mintage60,000
MaterialCopper Plated Steel
DesignerLuc Luycx, Josef Kaiser
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size18.7500 mm
Thickness1.670 mm
Mass3.0600 g
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Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only): Photos
Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only): Photo Austria, 2 Euro Cent, 2016 / thumbnail Austria, 2 Euro Cent, 2016
Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only): Photo Austria, 2 Euro Cent, 2016 / thumbnail Austria, 2 Euro Cent, 2016
Two Euro Cents 2016 (mint sets only): Catalogue Reference IDs
SourceReference ID
Schön, WeltmünzkatalogSchön# 278
Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsAustria KM# 3083