One Lepton 1900, Coin from Cretan State - detailed information

One Lepton 1900, Coin from Cretan State (demonetised 1913)
CoinOne Lepton 1900

MintMonnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) Mintage289,283

At centre, crown (identical with the crown of earlier coins of the Kingdom of Greece). Around, KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA (Κρητική Πολιτεία - Cretan State, in Greek). Below the crown in small letters, Α ΒΟΡΡΕΛ (the designer's name A [Alfred] Borrel in Greek transliteration). Below, the date 1900. To the left of the date, a small cornucopia - privy mark of the Director of the Paris Mint. To the right of the date, a torch - privy mark of Henri-Auguste Patey, chief engraver of the Paris Mint 1896 - 1926.

Obverse Inscription KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA 1900

Framed by olive and laurel branches, the denomination 1 ΛEΠTON (1 Λεπτόν - 1 Lepton; earlier Greek orthography was Lepton, later changed to Lepto). Below that, A - the mint mark of the Paris Mint.

Reverse Inscription 1 ΛEΠTON
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone
One Lepton 1900: References to Information Used
All (2) Coins of Country: Cretan State, Type: One Lepton
Coin NameMintageEffigyLegend
One Lepton 1900 289,283 KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA 1900
One Lepton 1901 1,710,717 KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA 1901
One Lepton 1900: Details
CountryCretan State
CurrencyCretan Drachma
Coin TypeOne Lepton
MonarchΠρίγκηψ Γεώργιος της Ελλάδος (Prince George of Greece)
Face Value1 (x Lepton)
CurrentNo (demonetised 1913)
DesignerAlfred Borrel
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
Size (mm)15
Mass (g)
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One Lepton 1900: Catalogue Reference IDs
SourceReference ID
Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsCrete KM# 1