One Lepton 1901, Coin from Cretan State - detailed information

One Lepton 1901, Coin from Cretan State (demonetised 1913)
CoinOne Lepton 1901

MintMonnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) Mint MarkLetter A Total Mintage1,710,717 (1.7 million)

At centre, crown (identical with the crown of earlier coins of the Kingdom of Greece). Around, KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA (Κρητική Πολιτεία - Cretan State, in Greek). Below the crown in small letters, Α ΒΟΡΡΕΛ (the designer's name A [Alfred] Borrel in Greek transliteration). Below, the date 1901. To the left of the date, a small cornucopia - privy mark of the Director of the Paris Mint. To the right of the date, a torch - privy mark of Henri-Auguste Patey, chief engraver of the Paris Mint 1896 - 1926.

Obverse Inscription KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA 1901

Framed by olive and laurel branches, the denomination 1 ΛEΠTON (1 Λεπτόν - 1 Lepton; earlier Greek orthography was Lepton, later changed to Lepto). Below that, A - the mint mark of the Paris Mint.

Reverse Inscription 1 ΛEΠTON
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone
One Lepton 1901: References to Information Used
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One Lepton 1901: Details
CountryCretan State
CurrencyCretan Drachma
Coin TypeOne Lepton
MonarchΠρίγκηψ Γεώργιος της Ελλάδος (Prince George of Greece)
Face Value1 (x Lepton)
Total Mintage1,710,717 (1.7 million)
CurrentNo; demonetised 1913
DesignerAlfred Borrel
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
Size15.0000 mm
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One Lepton 1901: Catalogue Reference IDs
SourceReference ID
Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsCrete KM# 1