Information about effigy: Coat of Arms of Cameroon

Coat of Arms of Cameroon

The Coat of Arms of Cameroon consists of a shield with a banner above and below it. Behind the shield are two crossed fasces (bundles of rods with an axe in the middle - an Ancient Roman symbol of authority). The shield has the same colour pattern as the flag of Cameroon, and in the centre is a map of the nation. The scales of justice are superimposed on top of the map of the nation since 1998.

The constitution of Cameroon describes the coat of arms as follows:
The coat of arms of the Republic of Cameroon shall be an escutcheon surmounted chief by the legend "

In other words:
There is a shield at centre, divided in three parts by two diagonal lines starting from the centre of the upper rim. In the central section, an upright sword and scales are superimposed on the outline of the map of the country, above which there is a five-pointed star. Behind the shield, two crossed bundles of rod with axes in the middle (fasces). Around above, the motto PAIX TRAVAIL PATRIE in French, below which in smaller letters the same in English: PEACE WORK FATHERLAND. On a ribbon around below, the name of the country in English: REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, below which in larger letters the same in French: REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN.

The previous version of the state arms had text in French only, with "République du Cameroun - 1er Janvier 1960" on a scroll above the shield, and "Paix, Travail, Patrie" below the shield. The shield differed in that the green and yellow areas to left and right each had one large blue five-pointed star, while the central red area did not have a star on top (so that the blue map outline of Cameroon extended higher).

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Coat of Arms of Cameroon: Details
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