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Detailed information about coin type: Halfpenny (Britannia, third design) from United Kingdom:

Coin type: Halfpenny (Britannia, third design)

CountryUnited Kingdom CurrencyPound Sterling (pre-decimal)
Sub-type ofHalfpenny (Pre-decimal) Sub-types
Face value1/2 (x Penny)
Years produced1860 - 1894 CurrentNo (demonetised 1969)
MaterialBronze DesignerLeonard Charles Wyon
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)25.5000 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)5.7000

Bust of Queen Victoria facing left wearing bodice and a mantle decorated with rose, thistle and shamrock; in her hair a wreath of leaves and berries tied at back with ribbon, her hair drawn to a plaited bun behind; she wears a circular brooch; at the back of her shoulder, a small part of the Star of the Garter is visible, with a small part of its motto ('HONI SO') readable.

Around, the legend VICTORIA D : G : BRITT : REG : F : D : (Victoria, by the Grace of God, Queen of the Britains, Defender of the Faith).

Freeman describes several obverse varieties:

Obverse 1 (1860)
As the obverse of the penny coins of the same year, with a beaded border. There are minor differences such as a slightly different expression of the face, different number of leaves and berries in the wreath, only "HONI S" visible from the motto of the Order of the Garter etc. The main difference is the lack of designer;s signature below the bust. The bus measures 20.5 mm from the top of the head to the base of the mantle, at the centre of each.

Obverse 1* (1860)
Similar to Obverse 1 but facial features as those described for the penny Obverse 1*, most of all the forehead being more rounded. The knot connecting the ribbon to the lowest leaves of the wreath has been removed.

Obverse 2 (1860)
Similar to Obverse 1 but with a toothed border. The profile is different, the nose and lips more rounded, there is a curl of hair curving downwards 1 mm from the bust. The bust measures 20.75 mm.

Obverse 3 (1860 - 1861)
Similar to Obverse 2 but with smaller facial features. There is an incuse border dividing the leaves in the wreath.

Obverse 4 (1860 - 1861)
Similar to Obverse 3 but there are now 15 leaves in the wreath (where they were 14 before); there are only four berries. The border teeth are short.

Obverse 5 (1860 - 1861)
Similar to Obverse 4 but there are no incuse lines at the upper part of the "bun". However, there are now double incuse lines depicting the veins in some leaves, The lettering of the legend is heavier.

Obverse 7 (1860 - 1874)
A new obverse corresponding to Obverse 6 of the one penny. The Queen's nose is now slightly curved, as is the mouth; her hair is more wavy. There are 16 leaves in the wreath. All leaf veins are in relief.

Obverse 6 (1861)
Similar to Obverse 5 but the veins of seven leaves now have double incuse lines. The eye is set farther back from the bridge of the nose compared to earlier obverses.

Obverse inscriptionVICTORIA D : G : BRITT : REG : F : D :

Figure of Britannia seated facing right on a rock, wearing a helmet and breastplate with flowing dress; she holds a trident and rests her right hand on a shield which bears the combined crosses of the Union Flag; at right a ship sailing away; at left, a lighthouse; around, the denomination HALF PENNY; in exergue, the date.

Freeman describes several reverse varieties:

Reverse A (1860)
As the reverse of the penny coins of the same year, but the denomination reads HALF PENNY (divided by the figure of Britannia). The border has circular dots, the circle inside the border is continuous. There are no designer's initials. The crosses of the shield are depicted by double incuse lines.

Reverse B (1860)
Similar to Reverse A but with a toothed border. The crosses of the shield are depicted by double raised lines. The lighthouse tapers upwards, its top is pointed.

Reverse C (1860)
Similar to Reverse B but the top of the lighthouse is rounded, and its width is almost uniform from the lantern down.

Reverse D (1860 - 1861)
A touched-up version of Reverse C. The breastplate is depicted by incuse lines, as is the drapery below Britannia's waist.

Reverse E (1861 - 1862)
Similar to Reverse D but has the designer's initials L.C.W. incuse on the rock above the 8 and 6 of the date.

Reverse F (1861 - 1862)
This is a distinctive reverse, with Britannia's shoulder smaller and the hair descending from the back of her head almost in line with the arm. The details of her breastplate are in relief. The rim of the shield is flat, where previously it was recessed.

Reverse G (1861 - 1873)
Similar to Reverse B, but Britannia's head is slightly larger. The breastplate has incuse lines. The lighthouse is not as narrow as before, and the windows are larger; there is a small door at the right on its base. The linear circle is closer to the toothed border.

Reverse inscriptionHALF PENNY [year]
EdgePlain Edge inscriptionNone

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Halfpenny 1860 (Small) 6,630,400 Queen Victoria Portrait by Leonard Charles Wyon (Bun Head) VICTORIA D : G : BRITT : REG : F : D :
Halfpenny 1861 54,118,400 Queen Victoria Portrait by Leonard Charles Wyon (Bun Head) VICTORIA D : G : BRITT : REG : F : D :