2016 Six Coin Uncirculated Set - The Changeover (WMF Edition), Coin Set from Australia - detailed information

2016 Six Coin Uncirculated Set - The Changeover (WMF Edition)
Set Name2016 Six Coin Uncirculated Set - The Changeover (WMF Edition)

This is the standard Australian Brilliant Uncirculated coin set for the year. It contains all the regular circulating denominations from $2 down to 5 cents, in a special commemorative version marking Fifty Years of Decimal Currency. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the changeover from pre-decimal to decimal currency in 1966, the Royal Australian Mint introduced a new type of circulating commemoratives in which the commemorative design is on the obverse - the coins have the regular "definitive" reverses and the obverses feature representations of pre-decimal coins issued by Australia before 1966. To make space for those designs, the Queen's portrait on the obverses is much smaller than usual.

This is a special edition of the set for the World Money Fair in Berlin, in WMF branded packaging.

MintRoyal Australian Mint Mintage1,250
Is a Variety of2016 Six Coin Uncirculated Set - The Changeover
Mintage included in parent setno
PackagingCardboard Sleeve
Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Coin Set Details
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Coins GradeBrilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Release PriceAUD 25.00
Product Code510901
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