Five Dollars 2013 Parliament House, Coin from Australia - detailed information

Five Dollars 2013 Parliament House, Coin from Australia
CoinFive Dollars 2013 Parliament House

The five dollar denomination of the Australian dollar (written as $5) is served by a banknote for normal daily transactions.

From time to time, the Royal Australian Mint also issues $5 coins for collectors (Non-Circulating Legal Tender, or NCLT). Some special coins, such as this one, are made with a triangular shape.

This is the first triangular commemorative coin issued by the Royal Australian Mint. It commemorates the 25th anniversary of the opening of Parliament House in Canberra.

The building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp Architects and built by a Concrete Constructions and John Holland joint venture. It was opened on 9 May 1988 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. Parliament House contains 4,700 rooms, and many areas are open to the public. The principal design of the structure is based on the shape of two boomerangs and is topped by an 81-metre flagpole. The New Parliament House building was warmly received for its beauty and democratic symbolism, particularly the grass-covered roof that allows visitor access.

The coins were released in Proof FDC grade, boxed in a presentation case, with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. No coins of this type were released into circulation.

MintRoyal Australian Mint Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintageunknown
Australia / Five Dollars 2013 Parliament House - obverse photo

The obverse shows the crowned mature head of Queen Elizabeth II facing right (her effigy known as the "Fourth Portrait"). The Queen wears the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" diamond tiara, a wedding gift from Queen Mary (Her Majesty's grandmother) in 1947 - which she also has on the Machin and the Gottwald portraits.

In small letters below the head, the artist's initials IRB (for Ian Rank-Broadley).

Around the effigy is the monarch's legend and the date: ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2013.

Obverse Inscription ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2013
Australia / Five Dollars 2013 Parliament House - reverse photo

The reverse design of the coin shows a view towards the flagpole on top of Parliament House in Canberra, with the flag of Australia flying from it. The vantage point is from one of the inner gardens.

Around left and right, divided by the flag, the inscription 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF PARLIAMENT HOUSE.

Below, the value and denomination 5 DOLLARS

EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

The coin design was approved by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer in Currency (Royal Australian Mint) Determination 2012 (No. 6) on 12 December 2012. The coins were officially released on the day of the anniversary, 9 May 2013.

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Five Dollars 2013 Parliament House: Details
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Coin TypeFive Dollars, Triangular
MonarchQueen Elizabeth II
EffigyQueen Elizabeth II - Fourth Portrait, by Ian Rank-Broadley
Face Value5 (x Dollar)
Mintage Limit10,000
Material0.999 Silver
DesignerTony Dean
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size33.920 mm
Thickness2.800 mm
Mass22.230 g
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Five Dollars 2013 Parliament House: Photos
2013 $5 Silver Proof Parliament House Triangular Coin Reverse
Copyright: Royal Australian Mint
2013 $5 Silver Proof Parliament House Triangular Coin Reverse
Copyright: Royal Australian Mint