Five Dollars 2018 AC/DC, Coin from Australia - detailed information

Five Dollars 2018 AC/DC, Coin from Australia
CoinFive Dollars 2018 AC/DC

The five dollar denomination of the Australian dollar (written as $5) is served by a banknote for normal daily transactions.

From time to time, the Royal Australian Mint also issues $5 coins for collectors (Non-Circulating Legal Tender, or NCLT). Some special coins, such as this one, are made with a triangular shape.

This triangular coin - "shaped like a guitar pick" - was released to commemorate the 45th anniversary of world-famous Australian rock music band AC/DC.

AC/DC was formed in Sydney in 1973 by Scottish-born brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Although their music has been variously described as hard rock, blues rock, and heavy metal, the band themselves call it simply "rock and roll".

The coins were released in Proof FDC grade, in special gift packaging. They are made of pure silver, and are clad in nickel to become black. No coins of this type were released into circulation.

MintRoyal Australian Mint Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintageunknown
Australia / Five Dollars 2018 AC/DC - obverse photo

The obverse shows the crowned mature head of Queen Elizabeth II facing right (her effigy known as the "Fourth Portrait"). The Queen wears the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" diamond tiara, a wedding gift from Queen Mary (Her Majesty's grandmother) in 1947 - which she also has on the Machin and the Gottwald portraits.

In tiny letters below the head, the artist's initials IRB (for Ian Rank-Broadley).

Around the effigy is the monarch's legend and the date: ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2018 5 DOLLARS.

The value and denomination 5 DOLLARS are above the Queen's portrait.

Australia / Five Dollars 2018 AC/DC - reverse photo

The reverse features, below its centre, the lead guitarist Angus Young - with horns and a demon’s tail, playing the guitar in his typical energetic manner.

Above, a decorative circle with a stylised representations of wings; above that, a ribbon containing the inscription 1973 - 2018.

Superimposed on the ring, the logo of AC/DC with the iconic thunderbolt separating AC and DC coloured yellow.

The value and denomination are on the obverse.

Reverse Inscription AC/DC 1973 - 2018
EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone

The coin designs were approved by the Assistant Minister to the Treasurer in Currency (Royal Australian Mint) Determination (No. 2) 2018 on 24 April 2018 and were released on 2 October 2018.

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Royal Mint
Royal Mint
Five Dollars 2018 AC/DC: Details
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Coin TypeFive Dollars, Triangular
MonarchQueen Elizabeth II
EffigyQueen Elizabeth II - Fourth Portrait, by Ian Rank-Broadley
Face Value5 (x Dollar)
Mintage Limit10,000
Material0.999 Silver, Nickel-plated
DesignerAaron Baggio
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size33.920 mm
Thickness2.800 mm
Mass22.230 g
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Five Dollars 2018 AC/DC: Photos
$5 Silver Nickel Plated Coloured Proof AC/DC Coin
Copyright: Royal Australian Mint
$5 Silver Nickel Plated Coloured Proof AC/DC Coin
Copyright: Royal Australian Mint
$5 Silver Nickel Plated Coloured Proof AC/DC Coin - Packaging
Copyright: Royal Australian Mint