Silver Ounce (1 oz), Coin Type from Congo, Democratic Republic of the - detailed information

Silver Ounce (1 oz), Coin Type from Congo, Democratic Republic of the (issued 2001 - )
Coin TypeSilver Ounce (1 oz)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo normally uses banknotes for circulation, and does not issue coins in the Congolese Franc currency. However, the country has authorised some foreign mints to issue commemorative and bullion coins under its jurisdiction.

Most of them are in standard bullion sizes, including one ounce of silver. They are considered "Non-Circulating Legal Tender" (NCLT) and not bullion because they are issued at prices higher than their bullion value and are targeted at collectors who appreciate them for their artistic or sentimental value, and not at investors in precious metals.

Congo, Democratic Republic of the / Silver Ounce (1 oz) - obverse photo

Within a beaded border, the obverse of the coin depicts the Coat of Arms of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which consists of a leopard head surrounded by an elephant tusk to the left and a spear to the right. On a ribbon below, the national motto JUSTICE PAIX TRAVAIL (from French: Justice, Peace, Work).

Below the Coat of Arms, in small letters the precious metal of the coin: 1 oz Ag 999.9 (one troy ounce of 99.99% silver; Ag is abbreviated from Argentum, the Latin word for silver).

Around above, the name of the country: REPUBLIQUE DEMOCATIQUE DU CONGO.

Around below, the nominal face value of the coin: · 20 FRANCS ·.

Congo, Democratic Republic of the / Silver Ounce (1 oz) - reverse photo

Various designs as listed individually below.

Reverse Inscription
EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone
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Silver Ounce (1 oz): Details
CountryCongo, Democratic Republic of the
CurrencyCongolese Franc
Face Value20 (x Franc)
Material0.9999 Silver
TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
Size38.600 mm
Mass31.100 g