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BRITANNIA (1672 - )
Ionian Islands / Two Oboli 1819

The name Britannia is a Latinisation of the native Brittonic word for the islands of Great Britain, Pretanī, which originally, in the fourth to the first centuries BC, designated a collection of islands with individual names, including Albion or Britain.

Although the archetypical image of Britannia as a seated female figure with a shield first appeared on Roman bronze coins of the 1st century AD struck under Hadrian, Britannia's first appearance on British coinage was on the farthing in 1672, though earlier pattern versions had appeared in 1665, followed by the halfpenny later the same year. The legend and the image have featured on coins of Great Britain (later the United Kingdom) and British colonies ever since.

BRITANNIA - Example/s on coins
Ionian Islands / Two Oboli 1819

Ionian Islands / Two Oboli 1819

The legend BRITANNIA, together with the figure of Britannia was also displayed on the coinage of British colonies and protectorates, such as this example on a Two Oboli coin (equal to a penny) from the Ionian Islands. The island issued their own coinage, compatible with the small British pre-decimal denominations in its dimensions and composition, from 1819 to 1964.

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