Tokelau: Coins Issued and Used

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Tokelau (1889 - )
Information about what currencies were issued by Tokelau, with lists of coinage, as well as periods when foreign-issued currencies were used.
Currency: Tokelau Dollar. Used in Tokelau: (1978 - present)
CurrencyTokelau Dollar
PeriodTokelau Dollar
Used1978 - present

Tokelau became a British protectorate in 1889, and has been administered by New Zealand since 1926. It uses the New Zealand Dollar as circulation currency, but has been issuing a variety if non-circulating coins since 1978. These are denominated in "Tala" (the local word for Dollar) and cents; the coins spell the large denomination variously either as "Dollar" or as "Tala".

While the Tala is a variety of the New Zealand Dollar, it is only legal tender in Tokelau and not in New Zealand.

Gold Five Ounces (5 oz)
1 coin (2022)
Royal Mint
Royal Mint